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Open your eyes to the wonders of art. Discover masterpieces from different artists around our country here at Barnes Fine Art Gallery. Here is a list of our artists:

  • Mary Allen
  • John Bampfield
  • Sara Bevan
  • Jo Bowen
  • Graham Black
  • Sophie Carter
  • Hilary Dymond
  • Marcel Gatteaux
  • Susan Gray
  • Richard Horner
  • Jill Hudson
  • Gordon Hunt
  • Simon Jewell
  • Debi Mackinnon
  • Lana Okiro
  • Laura Porteous 
  • Janet Shearer
  • Tina Stokes
  • Andrew Tozer
  • Nigel Turner
  • Benjamin Warner 

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Please enquire for the full collection and biographies of illustrated artists. We hold full collections of every artist we represent and would love to talk you through their histories and masterpieces in our trust. In addition, we can send you images of any work that might interest you. We are always quick to respond and happy to help.

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